Food Share: Helping Alleviate Hunger in Lincoln County

Ask a child in any classroom what their favorite time of year is and they will likely say summer!  For most kids, it’s an exciting time of year.  For too many children in our community, however, summer is a time when there is little or no food in the house.  With schools closing for the summer months, many families worry about how they will feed their children without the free and reduced-priced school meals they rely on during the school year.

Your generous support can help make a difference in a child’s life this summer.  You can help kids be kids all summer long.  Your contribution of $25, $50, or $100 can make all the difference to a family in need.  The mental and physical effects of hunger can be devastating—especially for a child.

Through our partnership with Oregon Food Bank, we can purchase 5 lbs. of food for every dollar received.  Your donation of $50 can purchase 250 lbs. of food which is distributed to our partner agencies and pantries throughout the county.

Please help us put food on the table for our community’s children this summer and donate now!

Toddlers are having breakfast